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Top 10 Sexiest Wives and Girlfriends in Sports 2013

I can't help but to notice that there must be some fine print in professional athlete's contracts stating that with great power comes great responsibility... to be dating or married to the sexiest women on the planet. Today, you get to experience the "Sorts" portion of my blog in a stimulating list of my top 10 sexiest wives and girlfriends in professional sports. If you see one of your favorites that I have left off, please, leave a comment and I'd love to produce round two. I'd like to start with a few ladies that deserve honorable mention:

Kendra Wilkinson – married to Hank Baskett, NFL player

Victoria Beckham – married to retired Soccer player, David Beckham

Katherine Webb – dating the kid pretending how to play QB, AJ McCarron

My top 10:

10. Lauren Tannehill – married to Miami Dolphins QB, Ryan Tannehill

Ryan Tannehill is the Mannehill! A local favorite, Lauren Tannehill has been married to the Texas A&M stud for a few years and is holding up well for our Aggie hotties.

9. Shakira – married to Barcelona soccer player, Pique

If her hips can only tell the truth, then I'd love to find out which part of her lies.

8. Jaime Edmonson – married to Rays 3rd baseman, Evan Longoria

Coming in hot at number 8 is MLBs favorite playmate, Jaime Edmonson. Sultry red headed hottie has been modeling for sports related gigs for a while and I hope it never stops.

7. Candice Crawford – married to Cowgirls QB, Tony Romo

Moving from Jessica Simpson to the former Miss Missouri, no one in the world feels bad for Tony.

6. Anna Burns – married to new Denver Broncos WR, Wes Welker

Active in social media, Anna Burns is one of the NFLs sexiest wives. Anna also claims Miss Hooters 2005 to her resume.

5. Gisele Bundchen – married to makeup cover boy, Tom Brady.

I think Victoria just told me her secret – Gisele and Tom are the NFL's power couple and they aren't looking back. Worth 250 million, the second richest model in the world makes more $ than her hubby.

4. Jessie James – married to Broncos WR Eric Decker

This smoking hot, Italian- born pop singer ranks in at number 4 on my list. I haven't seen Demaryius Thomas's girlfriend yet, but I'm sure she's attractive too.

3. Irina Shayk – married to soccer stud, Cristiano Ronaldo

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition cover girl Irina Shayk pops up at number 3 on my list – pick a magazine and I guarantee she's been in it in the past few years.

2. Carmella DeCesare – married to 49ers ex, Jeff Garcia

A former playmate of the year and cyber girl of the month (don't ask me how I know that), Jeff Garcia's wife nearly takes the cake with the number 2 spot on my list

1. Brooklyn Decker – married to one lucky SOB, Andy Roddick

Actress, model, and cover girl Brooklyn Decker BUSTS on the scene capping off my top ten list of sexiest wives and girlfriends in sports – Andy Roddick must be doing something right...